Types of Meets

Swim meet information such as dates and registration forms will be posted as it becomes available.

Open Meets

These are meets that must be paid for in advance. If you do not show up the day of the meet, we still get charged. These meets are listed as “OPEN” meet on the calendar. These meets usually are a half-day event for a particular age group (e.g., 10 and under), but last most of the day. There is a 1-time DECK fee of $5 per meet and then INDIVIDUAL entry fees of usually $3.50 per event. These fees are to be paid to HHSC, then HHSC pays the club that is hosting the meet.

Date Meet Name Entries Due Meet Entry Form (PDF)
November 19 SHAQ G-S-B Open October 26 Download Form

Dual/Tri Meets

These are the meets that we highly encourage each swimmer to attend. This is at NO COST to the swimmer. The coach will decide which events would best suit your swimmer. If your swimmer wants to swim an event, have them talk with the coach when signing the sign-up sheet (which the coach will have for the swimmers about 1-2 weeks before the meet.) These meets usually last a few hours, normally Saturday mornings.
Sign up for all dual/tri meets at the pool

Qualifying Meets

There are some meets that require a certain time standard to be met in order to register for the meet.

Date Meet Entries Due Meet Entry Form (PDF)
November 4 Kiwanis Slower than Gold "A" Meet October 12 Download form

Entries for ALL meets are done electronically, which is why we have to have the paperwork submitted to the coach 1-2 weeks before the actual meet date.

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