HHSC Membership and Registration Fees

The total cost for the year to be a member of the Hammerhead Swim Club (and a registered member of USA Swimming) is $450. Every Hammerhead swimmer must be a member of USA Swimming. The USA Swimming registration fee ($69) is included in the price of Hammerhead registration. You can choose to pay the total price in full, at the beginning of the year; or, you can make a deposit of $225 at the start. The remaining balance of $225 is due at a later date. If you have more than one swimmer in your family, the price for two swimmers is double the cost ($900). If you have more than two swimmers, the third swimmer (and any swimmers numbering more than two in one family) only has to pay $100 which includes the USA Swimming registration fee of $69 per swimmer.

30 Day Trial

An option we have for new members is our 30 Day Trial. The only requirement is that the swimmer must not have been a Hammerhead swimmer in the past. You pay a non-refundable deposit of $115 for each swimmer. 30 days is enough time in the water for swimmers to experience practice, and to understand what is expected of them. It’s also enough time to get to know the coaches, and to gain a little confidence by swimming with others with similar abilities. Anytime during the 30 days, you can decide to quit. If you are still with us at the end of 30 days, you have two options:

  • You decide the club is not for you and you wish to discontinue. We appreciate that you gave us a “test drive”. The $115 deposit you made is non-refundable.
  • You decide the club offers an interesting challenge, and your child will continue. Inform any board member of your wishes to stay with the club. The initial deposit of $115 will go toward the yearly cost. The remaining balance of $335 is due at a later date. Once your child decides to join the club, the child cannot compete in any meets until he/she is registered with USA Swimming, which takes about two weeks.


Download a registration form. You can register any time. We hold practice at the SUNY Fredonia Natatorium from 6:15pm to 7:45pm Monday through Friday. There are locker rooms available. We recommend you come early as to change and be ready for practice at 6:15pm. Bring a completed registration form and payment to the pool and someone will be there to assist you in getting started.

Your swimmer will need:

  • swimsuit
  • goggles
  • water bottle
  • swim cap (strongly recommended for swimmers with long hair)

We will have some swim gear and accessories available during the first week of practice for your convenience.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to send them our way. We're here to make this as easy as possible for you. Contact us at hammerheadswimclub2018@gmail.com.

Latest News


The Hammerhead Swim Club store is up and running. Order your team suit now!


Download a 2018-2019 HHSC Registration Form


Download a Learn to Swim Registration Form

Dates to Remember


The Hammerheads apparel store closes Thursday 11/8 at 11:59:59 PM. Take advantage of great deals on noodies, backpacks, warm-up pants, t-shirts and more! Once the store closes, your chance to get this cool Hammerheads swag is gone! Head to the Hammerhead store now!!!


First day of practice!


Registration 6:15-7:45pm at the pool

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